LapTop and DeskTop computer repair


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- We repair all types of desktop and laptop PCs regardless of the type and manufacturer
- Complete examination, diagnosis and testing computers are free.
- All components are tested individually as follows: the electrical correctness, stability and performance.
- Tests include software installed on your computer (unless the client expressly requested that we don't perform this kind of tests) as follows: the validity of the operating system, viruses and other malignant software.
- The time for determining the type of failure is 3 days, after which you will be informed about the complete state of the computer, observed fault and disadvantages as well as cost and time necessary to complete the works.
- In our company you have the right to be informed about all aspects of the inaccuracies of your computer. You can expect to be familiar with all the results of importance to your computer.
- Guarantee the built spare parts and repair is performed on the computer is up to 36 months depending on the type of intervention and the components that is built or Serviced.

In addition to standard repairs on computer hardware we offer:

- COMPUTER UPGRADES - replacing your old computer with the new one, or simply promoting computer performance by adding new components into existing system.

- Recover data from damaged hard drives

- Software repairing (operating system - installation, recovery, and upgrade programs)

- Protect and clean your computer from viruses and other malware programs

- Internet and e-mail settings

- Other standard and nonstandard services by agreement or your request, we can perform on your computer so that he better respond to your requests