Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Which are manifestations of serious hardware and / or software failures that the user can't solve by him self?
A: HERE you can see list of most common problems that computer user can't solve them self.

Q: How much will it cost to repair your laptop?
A: Most of our clients, who have defective Laptop, wish to know in advance the cost of repair of their computer, usually in order to value cost effectiveness of that investment.

F-com is not able to tell the precise cost of laptop repair without a detailed insight into the state of computer, made measurements and, finally, replacement of specific components to which it is suspected that are the cause of failure.

Q: What affects the cost of laptop repairing?
A: Cost of Laptop repair is mainly related to cost of spare parts. 90% of electronic failures on laptops are related to the failure of the motherboard of which the vast majority are related to the failure of the chipset and / or graphics chips. Price of new motherboard is extremely high.

Much cheaper option is to repair defective motherboard. For this purpose, using accurate and very expensive equipment and built in spare parts whose price is also high but significantly lower (2-3 times) compared to the price of the new board. Also, you spend a lot of time, using expensive materials, knowledge and energy to detected and remove motherboard failure.

Q: What is the quality of repaired motherboards?
A: Motherboards that we repair are generally the same quality and functionality as well as new because it incorporates new spare parts that you get a warranty for a period 6-12 months.

Q: What affects the possibility of repairing the defective motherboard?
A: Motherboard may be irreparable for several reasons:
- When the cost of repair exceeds the cost of a new PC or motherboard.
- Inability to to find appropriate spare parts
- Failure that is impossible to repair (various physical damage, burned, scratched or otherwise demaged motherboard)
- Inability to find the cause of failure, when in a reasonable time is not clear why the component is not working and there is no point to performe further research.

Q: Why repair must be done in our office and not on the user's location?
A: Specific interventions can be completed at the user location, and some, such as work on the networks, and even must be done that way.

Most services, however, requires thorough and long-term testing of all components of the computer with the use of diverse and complex devices and tools that can not be used in the user`s location.

Q: What affects the duration of diagnostic and testing?
A: If we want to give reliable results, tests must be carried out thoroughly, and it requires a certain time depends on the type and speed of components or computer that is being tested. As much as the user wanted to perform the service "as soon as possible", we can not speed up a thorough test, because it leads to Presumptive and unreliable conclusions about the state of hardware and / or software.

Q: Why is it necessary to thoroughly test all components, not just those that are visibly damaged, or whose malfunction is suspected?
A: Having a detailed insight into the computer, we are able to detect and remove all existing failures some of which could be hidden to the user or the user has ignored their existence. Also, we can somewhat predict and prevent failures that could potentially happen in the course of further use. Therefore our service is better and thus save time and money to the client.

Q: Why should we repair your computer or components?
A: Because we have the knowledge, experience, equipment, tools and good will to the end and do the repair.

Because we guarantee for services made and built in spare parts.Because we will always tell you all what is wrong with your equipment.Because you will always get timely and complete information about the feasible variants of the service.

Because based on this information you make decisions that will be derived variant.