Motherboard and graphics cards repairing

Motherboards are one of the vital components of every computer. Their service requires a high technical and technological equipment and the necessary knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and repairing of various kinds of failures.

Our staff is able to meet all these requirements and make the most complicated repairing of computer motherboards and graphics cards.

These include replacement of CHIPSET, NORTH BRIDGE, SOUTH BRIDGE and GRAPHIC CARD CHIP (GPU), as well as other types of BGA circuits that we meet on compute the motherboards.

For this purpose, we use precise IrDA (Infra red) workstation, and other tools and equipment necessary to be no damage on the motherboard nor the chip while taking of defective bridge and placing new one.

We use new chips only as spare parts. Their description you can see HERE.

In addition to these interventions, we are able to repair all other problems on computer motherboards and graphics cards:

- Replacement of defective MOSFET transistors and linear stabilizer,

- Replacement of defective SUPER I/O controller and the PWM controller and all the other chips regardless of the type and manufacturer,

- Replacement of defective integrated sound and LAN cards and controllers,

- Replacement of all other SMD (resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes ...) and other components.

It is important to know:

- We repair motherboards and graphics cards of all types of laptop and desktop computers, regardless of the type and manufacturer.

- Time for determining the type of failure is 7-15 working days, after which you will be informed about the cost and time necessary to complete the works.

- We give warranty for built spare parts and service made for 6 months with possibility of extending  to 1 year.