Наши услуги

Безкомпромиссное качество.

На F-com, мы стремимся предоставлять высококачественные услуги нашим клиентам. Мы понимаем, что наши деловые клиенты, в частности, имеют высокие ожидания не только относительно окончательного качества выполненной работы, но и в отношении времени выполнения заказа. Поэтому наше внимание полностью сосредоточено на этом аспекте нашей работы!


Инклюзивный подход.

«Информация доступна сегодня более, чем когда-либо в истории, всего в нескольких кликах. Поэтому мы призываем наших клиентов проводить тщательные исследования, искать вторые мнения, сравнивать предложения, читать описания и изучать отзывы о компаниях в нашей отрасли в Google. Разница в качестве услуг, которое мы предоставляем, наиболее заметна теми клиентами, которые уже опытали услуги в других местах, прежде чем обратились к нам.»


Наш метод работы основан на нескольких принципах:

No Outsourcing

No outsourcing!

We independently perform all interventions that are part of our offer.


Continuous replenishment of spare parts inventory.

Everything you need is either in stock or we will order it for you. We won’t send you to search and buy spare parts on your own. This way, there is no unnecessary waste of time, and the deadlines we set are shorter.

25 godina

Experience is on our side.

With nearly two and a half decades of work experience, we are able to quickly identify the issue, propose optimal solutions, and carry out repairs in a very short timeframe.


Free on-site assessment.

Our customers can always rely on a completely free assessment of the investment amount and repair possibilities that we will carry out on the spot.


Courtesy and patience.

One of the things most frequently mentioned in the Google reviews of our company is the friendliness and treatment of customers. We are committed to respecting the people and businesses we come into contact with. We understand that our clients are already traumatized by the fact that the device crucial to their work, education, and leisure is not functioning. Our task is to build a circle of trust and make at least that experience more pleasant. Kindness costs nothing but means a lot.


On the same mission.

In the best interest of our customers, we work together with them. We will always provide the best advice, even if it may not bring us financial gain but will still be in favor of and to the satisfaction of the customer.


Default warranty.

All interventions we perform come with a default minimum warranty of 90 or 180 days.


We refuse to do anything that does not bring long-term solutions.

With the quality of our service and customer relations, there’s no compromise! High standards are our priority, and we will do everything to live up to the reputation and respect we have built in the market over decades of work!

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