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F-com d.o.o. Belgrade was established in 2002. as a company primarily focused on computer and computer component repair. In addition, we successfully provide services, maintenance and repairs to all kinds of computers regardless of the type and manufacturers. We apply state-of-the-art technologies, thorough and reliable troubleshooting methods, and testing according to strictly prescribed procedures.

Our mission is to be guided primarily by the best interests of our customers, striving to provide them with excellent customer experience and comfort, as shown in our Google reviews. Also, considering the sensitivity of personal and business data we come into contact with, due to the nature of our business, our utmost concern is their protection. In this regard, we stick to the guidelines and instructions of personal data protection law.

F-COM Servis

The goals we set for ourselves are:

F-com d.o.o.

Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 12d, Unit 36

11070, Novi Beograd

Tax Identification Number: 102559506

Registration Number: 17452681

Industry Code: 4666

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