Motherboard Repair

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Motherboards are one of the vital components of every computer. Servicing them requires high expertise and technological readiness, along with the necessary knowledge and experience in diagnosing and resolving various types of faults.


Our service is capable of meeting all these requirements and performing even the most complex interventions on motherboards and graphics cards.



These interventions include the replacement of:


  • GRAPHICS CHIP (GPU) As well as all other types of BGA chips found on motherboards.



In addition to these interventions, we can address other faults on motherboards and graphics cards:


  • Replacement of faulty MOSFET transistors and linear regulators,
  • Replacement of faulty SUPER I/O controllers and PWM controllers, as well as all other chips, regardless of type and manufacturer,
  • Replacement of faulty integrated Sound and LAN cards and controllers,
  • Replacement of all other SMD components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes…) and other elements.



What the service intervention additionally covers (included in the service price):


  • Physical cleaning of the computer’s interior (only for laptop computers) when performing interventions to resolve electronic motherboard faults (not applicable to cable and connector replacements or other types of mechanical components and modules),
  • Complete overhaul and cleaning of the cooling system, as well as the replacement of all thermal conductors (thermal paste) when performing interventions to resolve electronic motherboard faults (not applicable to cable and connector replacements or other types of mechanical components and modules),
  • In addition to repairing and/or replacing the faulty motherboard component, as part of this intervention, we also check the functionality of all other computer components undergoing service intervention. By doing so, we enable your computer to operate properly for an extended period without additional investment and preventively act on the occurrence of other types of faults. This way, you will save thousands of dinars, which would otherwise be the cost of these services if performed individually.



Important to know:


  • We repair motherboards and graphics cards of all types of laptop and desktop computers, regardless of the type and manufacturer.
  • The time to determine the type of fault is 1-3 days from the day of bringing it to our service.
  • You can read the procedure for receiving and servicing computers and components HERE.
  • We provide a warranty for the installed spare parts and the service intervention performed.

Tradition of Quality

With years of experience in motherboard service, we proudly rely on the tradition of providing top-notch services. Our commitment to quality ensures the reliability and longevity of solutions for your computer.

Professionalism and expertise in action.

Professionalism is the core of our approach to business. From diagnostics to repair, every step in the motherboard service process is performed with care and dedication to provide you with the best possible experience. Our team of experts possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle any challenges that motherboards may present. Regardless of the issue, you can rely on our expertise to identify and resolve every irregularity.

Experience in Action

Our extensive experience in the field of motherboard service makes us a reliable partner in preserving the integrity of your computer. The trust we have earned from our clients confirms our dedication and efficiency in every task.

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