Laptop Repair

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Types of laptop repairs you can have done with us:

Repair, service, or replacement of faulty electronic components in laptops:

  • Service of a faulty motherboard;

  • Motherboard replacement;

  • Replacement of a faulty processor;

  • RAM memory replacement;

  • Replacement of SSD (Solid State Drive);

  • Hard disk replacement;

  • Replacement of a faulty, damaged, or broken monitor, screen, laptop panel;

  • Replacement of the Optical DVDRW device;

  • Laptop keyboard replacement;

  • Laptop touchpad replacement;

  • Laptop camera replacement

Replacement of damaged, corroded, or faulty connectors and cables:

  • Replacement of DC connectors;
  • Replacement of USB-C connectors;
  • Replacement of USB2 and USB3 connectors;
  • Replacement of LAN port RJ45;
  • Replacement of ribbon cables for connecting the screen and motherboard;
  • Replacement of ribbon cables for power button, touchpad, trackpad…

Replacement and gluing of plastic and metal parts of laptop casing:

  • Replacement of laptop casing;
  • Replacement of laptop screen casing;
  • Gluing the laptop casing with epoxy resin;
  • Replacement of laptop hinges

Maintenance of physical parts of the cooling system:

  • Physical cleaning of laptop computer from dust;
  • Physical cleaning of spilled liquid from laptop;
  • Revitalization or replacement of the cooling system;
  • Replacement of faulty fans;
  • Lubrication of fans;
  • Replacement of thermal paste on the processor and graphics chip

Software installation and maintenance:

  • Operating system installation – Windows, MAC OS;
  • Backup, copying, and data recovery from SSDs and hard drives;
  • Virus and other unwanted software and program cleanup;
  • Driver and control software installation;
  • Installation of user programs;
  • Setting up the operating mode and speeding up the responsiveness of the operating system to work faster and better meet user requirements;
  • All other standard and non-standard services that can be performed on laptop computers…
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