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What is the difference between a free inspection and diagnostics
  • A free inspection usually involves a basic examination of the device to identify obvious issues, while diagnostics entail a deeper analysis and testing to determine the root cause of the problem and provide more detailed information about the device’s condition.
  • Diagnostics often involve more precise tests and may be a paid service, whereas a free inspection may only offer a general overview of the device.

The answer to this question is multifaceted and extensively explained HERE.


In short, diagnostic costs encompass the price of the labor and materials expended in identifying faults and testing the device. This involves the use of various tangible assets such as tools, materials, and other resources, which unfortunately are not free and are generally quite expensive. The actual cost of materials and time spent on diagnostics is usually significantly higher than the fee paid by the customer, so in essence, we are talking about a cost-sharing between the customer and the service provider.

The majority of clients with a malfunctioning laptop computer want to know the repair cost in advance, often to assess the cost-effectiveness of the investment.

F-com is unable to provide an exact service cost without a detailed understanding of the computer’s condition, measurements taken, and ultimately, the replacement of specific components suspected to be the cause of the issue.

The cost of laptop service is mostly influenced by the price of spare parts.

90% electronic faults in laptops are related to motherboard failures, with the majority attributed to chipset and/or graphics chip malfunctions.

The price of new motherboards is exceptionally high, and their replacement is further complicated by the inability to purchase a new board in the domestic market, so they are mostly sourced by order from abroad.

A significantly more affordable option is the repair of a faulty motherboard.

For this purpose, precise and very expensive equipment is used, and replacement parts are installed, the cost of which is also quite high but still significantly lower (2-3 times) compared to the price of a new board.

Additionally, a considerable amount of time, expensive materials, knowledge, and effort are required to detect and rectify the malfunction.

The motherboards that undergo service are generally of the same quality and functionality as new ones because new spare parts are installed, and they come with a warranty.

Motherboards can be irreparable for several reasons:

  • Cost-effectiveness of the repair, when the repair cost exceeds the price of a new computer or motherboard.
  • Unavailability of suitable spare parts.
  • The nature of the fault that is impossible to rectify (various physical damages, burnt, scratched, or otherwise destroyed PCB or motherboard prints).
  • Inability to identify the root cause of the malfunction, when it is not clear within a reasonable time why a component is not working, and further investigation makes no sense.

Specific interventions can be completed on the user’s location, while some, such as network-related tasks, must be done that way.

However, the majority of services require thorough and testing of all computer components using diverse and complex equipment and tools that cannot be utilized on-site.

For tests to yield reliable results, they must be conducted thoroughly, and this requires a certain amount of time depending on the type and speed of the component or computer being tested.

No matter how much a user may wish the service to be completed ‘as soon as possible,’ we cannot expedite thorough testing, as doing so would lead to hasty and unreliable conclusions about the hardware and/or software condition.

With a detailed insight into the computer’s condition, we can discover and address all existing issues, some of which might have been hidden from the user or ignored by them.

Additionally, we can somewhat predict and prevent potential malfunctions that may occur during further usage.

Therefore, our service is of higher quality, ultimately saving the client time and money.

Because we have the knowledge, experience, equipment, tools, and dedication to deliver a high-quality and thorough service.

Because we provide a warranty for our services and the parts we install.

Because we will always inform you about any issues with your equipment.

Because you will receive timely and comprehensive information about feasible service options.

Because, based on this information, you make the decision on which option to proceed with.

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