Desktop Repair

We provide support for these manufacturers:

Types of repairs you can perform with us:

  • Replacement or service of a faulty motherboard;
  • Replacement or service of a faulty graphics card;
  • Replacement of ATX power supply;
  • Replacement of the processor;
  • Replacement of RAM memory;
  • Upgrading RAM memory;
  • Replacement of SSD (Solid State Drive);
  • Replacement of Hard disk;
  • Replacement of Optical device DVDRW

Maintenance of physical parts of the cooling system:

  • Physical cleaning of the computer from dust;
  • Revitalization or replacement of the cooling system;
  • Replacement of faulty fans;
  • Lubrication of fans;
  • Replacement of thermal paste on the processor and graphics card

Software Installation and Maintenance:

  • Installation of the Windows 10, Windows 11 operating system… ;
  • Backup, copying, and recovery of data from SSDs and hard drives;
  • Removal of viruses and other unwanted software and programs;
  • Installation of drivers and control software;
  • Installation of user programs;
  • Adjustment of the operating system’s mode of operation and speeding up its response for faster and more user-friendly performance;
  • All other standard and non-standard services that can be performed on computers…

Time for determining the type of fault:

For DESKTOP computers, we are able to diagnose and resolve faults usually within a few working hours and at most within one working day. Depending on the nature of the fault, some interventions may take longer or shorter. You will receive information about this within 2 hours from when you bring the computer.


We will perform urgent interventions and diagnostics IMMEDIATELY!

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